Loafer trends 2021

Loafers are the trend of this spring!
2021 is the year of the loafer. These classic loafers are indispensable for the real shoe lover.loafers are a real fashion item and should absolutely not be missing in your shoe collection.

Loafers with coarse shoe soles
In the past, these loafers were mainly seen as very classic and perhaps a bit old-fashioned, but that is now a thing of the past! Where in 2020 the coarse shoe sole made a comeback under Chelsea Boots and Chunky boots, you will see it again this spring under another shoe: the loafer. Theloafers from Tango Shoes, you no longer have to combine it with a classic outfit for a long time since 2021.




Loafers with gold chain
In 2021, the loafer is at home in many more markets. Take the beige chunky loafers with gold buckle from Tango Shoes, for example. The chunky sole with coarse shapes gives the shoe a cool look and at the same time a lot of grip. These loafers are leather lined and have a removable footbed. They are easy to style with different outfits and they are also very comfortable!




How to style loafers with different outfits 
You can easily wear loafers with almost any outfit! They look great with a pair of denim shorts, a casual outfit or baggy jeans. With theloafers you can create different looks at Tango Shoes: hip with a floral dress, classy with beautiful trousers or cool with jeans. You can go anywhere with our loafers! Can you resist the trend of 2021!!