Nina oblique 3-k sisters tilstra high beige suede/bone white western boot - black heel/sole

€89,97 €149,95
This 'Nina oblique 3-k' western boot is a unique item from the first Tilstra's X Tango collection. Designed by Manon.

We love western! The Nina oblique 3-k is a cool beige suede boot with bone-white western details that complete the boot. The boots have a removable footbed and are leather lined. This makes this western boot not only super fashionable but also very comfortable!

PAY ATTENTION: Putting on and taking off your new boots can sometimes cause some problems. Do not panic! Use a stocking or sandwich bag. Especially during the first few days that you wear your new shoes, this can really offer a solution! After a few days, the leather has already run a bit and you usually no longer need the sandwich bags. If you normally have an intermediate size, we do recommend ordering a half size larger..

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