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As of today, the TANGO Friends campaign is live. Save with your friends for discounts.

In the coming months, the TANGO VIP program will be expanded with even more benefits! So keep an eye on the site and the Tango Shoes message.

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How does the TANGO Friends campaign work?

1. Share your unique (referral) link - received via email and visible when you are logged in - with your best friends. You can share this link with as many friends as you want.

2. When your friends click on the link they can enter their email address and get a nice surprise in their email box.

Prerequisite: your friend has not made a purchase at Tango Shoes in the past.

3. For every friend who subsequently makes a purchase, you will receive points, which you can use to save up for an attractive discount.

4. In your TANGO VIP account you can exchange your saved points for a discount code.

5 .If you have questions or want to read more, please check out the frequently asked questions.

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How can I redeem my points for a discount code?

If you have shared your referral link with your friends and received points because your friends made a purchase, you can redeem the point balance for a discount code, to be used on your next purchase. Follow these steps to see how to redeem the points.

1. Log in with your Tango VIP account via the button with the heart at the bottom right. Check your account to see if you have accumulated enough points to qualify for a discount.

2. Do you have enough points? Click 'redeem points' and then 'Use now'. On the next screen, select how many points you want to redeem for a discount - or adjust the number of points.

Note: when you redeem your points for a discount code, this is final. After this, the points accumulation starts again.

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