Which boots suit your legs best?

Sometimes you find a pair of beautiful boots, but they just don't look right. This depends on the shape of your legs. You are probably already aware of the fact that the right clothing can do a lot for the perfect legs, but did you know that shoes can also mean a lot for your figure Curious which boots suit you best Read this article or take a quick one look at thee boots collection page.

short legs
For your legs, it is best to create optical length. You can do this by wearing high boots or a high heel. Style them with tight pants or skirt in the same color as your shoes, this creates unity and the length is not cut off halfway. Choose a shoe with a pointy nose, so that the emphasis is not placed on the width. If you want ankle boots, choose models with a lower-cut front..wide calves
Fortunately, nowadays more and more boots can be found with a wide shaft. Take the trendy Chelsea boot for example. The elastic side panels provide an easy entry and fit around every calf. If you prefer to wear heels, then choose a heel that is not too thin, because it accentuates the thickness of your calves. So high, wide heels instead of stillettos. Ankle boots with a lower cut front make your legs look longer and thinner..

Long legs
Yeahh, actually you can have almost anything! If you want to prevent your legs from looking too slim, perhaps avoid boots with a too-wide shaft. With your legs you can basically wear all boots, depending on your taste. For example, go for a trendy off white model or something with many details that draw attention to the boots. Leggings or tights in a different color are therefore no problem. Idea: wear your pants in your boots..

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