Tango by Paulien Tilstra has been officially launched

AMSTERDAM 12-04-19 - Influencers are influencing the current fashion image more than ever. In that context, the shoe label Tango has joined forces with Paulien Tilstra. Together they developed the collection Tango by Paulien Tilstra, which was officially launched in Amsterdam this week. This is in line with Tango's strategy to develop accessible and affordable collections of beautiful materials and fine qualities of leather based on the love for shoes. Paulien and Tango are a perfect match and the label Tango by Paulien Tilstra is a nice addition to the extensive international collection of Tango


The collection

The joint collection is typically Paulien: casual, fashionable and cool. It is a combination of timeless on-trend models containing shoes for every moment of use: cool biker boots, feminine ankle boots with python print, a basic sneaker and a chunky fashion sneaker.

"When Tango asked me to design my own collection, I immediately had 1,000 ideas. During the design days I discussed all this with my mood board included. Fortunately, everything was possible and what I really like is that Tango works with its own shoe lasts, so then are you sure that the shoe is really comfortable and you don't even have to walk it in ", says Paulien Tilstra.

Influencer collaborations
Tango previously released a collection with Manon Tilstra, Paulien's sister. A combination of Manon's fashion ideas and the good quality and fit that the Tango shoes are known for. This collaboration was a great success. For Tango and Paulien this was the reason to also build a collection together around the personal style of Paulien Tilstra.
Tango gives the influencers with whom she works with all the space and freedom, so that the collaboration collections are actually a translation of the design ideas and the personality of the influencer. For example, the influencers not only determine the designs of the shoes themselves, but also the labeling, photography and all other communication expressions. More new collaborations are on the horizon.

The brand new shoe collection was developed for Paulien in collaboration with Brandfarm B.V. and are produced in Portugal. The models cost between 99.95 and 119.95 euros. The collection is now available via www.tangoshoes.com/paulienxtango. In addition, the collections are also available for retail.