New summer must-have: slippers

The slippers are here to stay this coming season, you will see these shoes everywhere. Does the word slippers make you think of a prince, carriage and glass shoe à la Cinderella? I understand that, but the trend is now much more than that. In fact, the mule has been given a modern twist. Discover all our slippers here.

What exactly is a slipper?
mule is a shoe without a back. In other words, without a heel piece. Something like a slipper or slide. A real slipper has a heel - high, low, thick or thin - but some flat shoes are also referred to as slippers. Basically, it's just a pump without a back.

How to wear mules
The mules can be worn both casual and chic. For example, choose jeans, a white blouse or t-shirt and an oversized jacket or colored jacket. This is the ideal casual look.

For the perfect business look, pair your mules with a pair of neat slacks. A current trend is flared pants, which flare out at the bottom of the leg. Or opt for that cute dress that the mules will look perfect underneath. Discover all our slippers here.