Back to work: shoes inspiration

Shoes are the finishing touch to your outfit. For some women, the shoe is even the starting point in clothing choice. Shoes are important to your look and are also instant style makers. But what do you wear to the office on a day?

The pump is the classic feminine shoe. A pump fits under a dress, skirt or pants and makes the outfit into a professional whole. Want to appear professional and presentable? Put on a pump. The darker the color, the more businesslike the look becomes. Do you work in a formal setting or have a job interview? Then a darker color pump such as dark blue or black is a good choice. Check out our entire heels collection here.

Can't walk well in heels or don't feel comfortable in them? Then loafers are also a good option. The loafer is a flat, lace-free shoe with a low heel. They are easy slip-on shoes and are super comfortable. These shoes will make your outfit classy and chic. Pair them under a pair of slacks or a dress, and your business outfit is complete. These shoes come in many different colors, and a striking color can give your outfit a special touch. See all our loafers here.

A boot is also very appropriate to wear to work. For example, an ankle boot looks very good under pants or a skirt. Currently, tall boots are also a trend and fit very well under a midi skirt or a dress. The nice thing about long boots is that they are also comfortable to wear in autumn and winter. Booties are very fitting to wear to work in many settings and will also complete your professional look. Get inspired by all the Tango boots and check them out here.